SC Lin Impex LLC is a Romanian private company, established in 1994 and is certified by SC ELECTRICAL S.A. as a provider of products and services. The main activity is the design and execution of electrical installations for buildings and civil engineering: business centers, residential villas, offices, shops and commercial presentation, restaurants, warehouses, offices and storage.
The execution of the works is ensured at a level of performance equal or above the technical requirements and standards required by law.
All the work is executed with highly and medium skilled personnel and specialized subcontractors with vast experience in complex projects.
Company employees and staff are skilled in these crafts: site supervision, builders, plumbers, welders, locksmiths etc. Company management via supply protective equipment and work according to normative frame no. 57/1991 of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare - Department of Labour Protection.
The work is made based on graphical deadlines and are sincronized with the payment deadlines of the beneficiaries. All the work is compliance with the specific standards and legislation.
Our company has a continous focus to meet contractual commitments and lots attention is manifested by selecting those employees and subcontractors that are to provide the quality and the implementation of work that best meet the requirements of the beneficiaries.
Both design and execution continuously adapt to market requirements and to the technical level of the growing technology and the materials used in the various projects.
Excellent facilities and professionals with experience in this field, as well as their reliability,and quality of services have contributed to the good name of the company in the electricity field.

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