SUNRES Group provides consulting services to achieve a successful investment, providing new information on renewable energy (in particular solar energy) and guidance in choosing the best solution.
    SUNRES Group advises on all stages of the project to build a solar park.
    SUNRES Group provides advice on:
    - Turnkey photovoltaic park
    - Calculation of energy production
    - Buy/Sell a photovoltaic park
    - Choosing the field that will accommodate future park
    - Permits and approvals for solar parks
    - What are the green certificates, how and where they can be trade
    - Selling the produced energy
    - Solutions for equipment and connections
    - Financing solutions

    SUNRES Group offers technical solutions to optimize projects in various stages of implementation in order to obtain maximum yield possible solutions that include:
    - Advice on planning, designing and sizing solar park;
    - Data on technologies: identification of the main components for photovoltaic modules, the technical characteristics of the panels, inverters, etc., used;
    - The choice of the land and its solar potential;
    - Information on the specific location and grid structure;
    - Develop connectivity solution NES, determination and assessment of network requirements;
    - Determination of RES electricity production and operating income.
    - Information on the technical documentation required to achieve solar park which includes: Technical Project specification sheets, and technical documentation for construction authorization (DTAC) developed under the current rules. This includes architectural design, sizing electrical foundations, apparel metal support, communications, civil facilities of the site, landscaping, fencing.
    By evaluating resources and proper sizing of equipment reduces investment cost and increase production of electricity from renewable sources by having a high yield investment.

    SUNRES Group is also engaged in the preparation of technical documentation for obtaining permits or approvals necessary for developing the solar park, which includes:
    a.The documents issued by the county administration or local government, as appropriate:
    - certificate of urbanism - including specification of all permits obtained in accordance with Law no. 350/2001 on regional planning, as amended;
    - building permit, according to Law. 50/1991 on the authorization of construction and some measures for housing, as amended and supplemented.
    b. Documents issued by the Environmental Authority:
    - environmental agreement - issued under the Government Decision no. 445/2009 on environmental impact assessment of certain environmental programs and projects;
    - environmental permit.
    c. Documents issued by the network operator to which capacity must be connected:
    - the site location approval - issued under Order no. 48/2008 regarding the methodology for issuing location permits;
    - technical connection approval - issued in accordance with the Regulation on connecting users to the local electricity network, approved by Government Decision no. 90/2008.
    d. Documents issued by ANRE

    - Authorisation of establishment:
    - In accordance with the Regulation for licensing and authorization in the energy sector, approved by Government Decision no. 540/2004, with subsequent amendments approved by Government Decision no. 553/2007;
    - Only energy capacity with an installed capacity exceeding 1 MW;
    - RES-E production license
    - In accordance with the rules of licensing and permits in the electricity sector, approved by Government Decision no. 540/2004, with subsequent amendments approved by Government Decision no. 553/2007;
    - Training for generating electricity from RES
    - In accordance with the Rules of skill mainly to generate electricity from renewable energy, approved by ANRE Order no. 39/2006.

    Can be achieved with the following type of studies:
    - Geotechnical study;
    - Topographical study;
    - Impact study;
    - Hydrological study;
    - Study of biodiversity;
    - The water management permit;
    - Permit for country/national roads.

    SUNRES Group offers financial advice on financing solutions in support of customer desired it with necessary information about choosing the most cost-effective sources of funding.
    Financial advice includes:
    - Achieving sustainability and opportunity analysis project based technological, environmental, economic and trade;
    - Preliminary economic efficiency analysis and evaluation of economic and environmental indicators;
    - Financial analysis of project profitability determination and designation limits the energy market;
    - Analysis of investment and operational risk;
    - Analysis of options trading electricity and advice on maximizing profits;
    - Support the foundation and support to the institutions and funds to finance investment projects in photovoltaic parks;
    - Implement applicable support schemes for RES projects and in particular solar energy projects (green certificate).

    SUNRES Group provides legal assistance in the implementation of projects or photovoltaic solar parks, focusing on:
    - Obtaining permits and manufacturing licenses establishment under Regulation for licensing and authorizations issued by ANRE energy field
    - Accreditation electricity producers under the Rules of accreditation of producers of electricity from renewable energy sources for the application of the green certificate promotion issued by ANRE.
    - Preparation of the due diligence that includes the degree of compliance of the legal entity / individual environmental legislation in force.