Operation and maintenance services complete the package of services offered by SUNRES Group. The technical team will handle both the commissioning of the solar park as well as its maintenance, which includes the full set of tests, supervising commissioning, operation and fleet monitoring.
To enjoy maximum efficiency, plants require constant maintenance, aimed at:
- cleaning solar panels to capture solar radiation as well;
- regular maintenance and cleaning of cabins with inverters;
- periodic replacement of consumable and other activities.
In order to achieve a complete and accurate set of measurements over a long period of time (> 1 year), and service SUNRES Group achieved WHO - Operation, Maintenance and Service of photovoltaic. After installation and commissioning of the system, perfect operation is essential for the accuracy of the measurements.
SUNRES Group will continuously monitor the energy produced by the photovoltaic system and keeps track of all the parameters and values entered.
Through monitoring system provides a fast and secure, allowing network operators and the solar park, maintaining target values to meet the requirements of the power plant and the network and contains intelligent and fast algorithms for communication.
Maintenance activities include the following:
- sampling measure distance transmission and archiving in electronic documents monthly and yearly;
- data processing and issuing monthly newsletters and annual measurements;
- drafting periodic reports information legislation;
- monthly measurements of operating parameters and the schedule of maintenance;
- calibration monthly / annual measuring equipment
- online monitoring.
If collateral maintenance is restricted to the commissioning of the photovoltaic installation and guarantee optimal operation for the period guaranteed, with free intervention if problems arise from the contractor's fault.
If the service contract or fee interventions, maintenance refers to intervention to address any issues arising from foreign causes performer.

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